The Battle Within

Gehan Muharam brings you her remarkable novel “Jihad”, which touches upon the contentious and misunderstood topic of what the Arabic term Jihad truly embodies. By narrating a stirring story that delves deep into the intricacies of human existence, Gehan reinforces our trust and faith in the Divine. Jihad is not just a story but an exploration of the profound and often tumultuous journey each of us undertakes in our pursuit of meaning and purpose.

Caught in the trance of this world, many a time, we forget that Allah is omnipresent and the trials he puts us in are there to test our resilience and faith in Him. By placing complete trust in Allah and believing that He is watching over us, we can overcome all these hardships and not only prosper in this world but also be victorious in the hereafter.


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Jihad – A Call To Introspect

The title of the novel, “Jihad,” resonates with the Arabic word’s rich connotations, meaning struggle and striving in the way of Allah. Gehan Muharam has weaved a narrative that reflects the diverse struggles faced by the characters through which she reiterates the concept of Jihad and how each person, in their own way, fights the battle of instincts by being tested with power, poverty, loss, and pain.

Jihad, in this novel, is not a call to arms but a call to introspect and confront the myriad challenges that define our human experience. With each page that you turn, you will come across characters whose lives are interwoven in a dance of joys, sorrows, and the relentless pursuit of self-discovery. The riveting tale explores the dynamic nature of relationships, the resilience of familial bonds, the complexities of love, and the intricate threads that connect us all.

About The Author

Gehan Muharam, the young female author, hails from Yemen and is now navigating the vibrant landscape of New York. Her passion for storytelling and her flair for writing has culminated in the creation of her remarkable debut novel, “Jihad”. Although she penned the novel during her final year of high school, it was not until she settled in America that her novel got published. With her first novel, she has now set the stage for more such masterpieces that would be a testament to her unwavering commitment to writing. Join Gehan in her adventure that transcends borders and immerses us in diverse cultures, emotions, and perspectives. Together, let’s traverse the pages of her novels, discovering stories that echo the essence of the human experience and ignite a shared passion for storytelling.

About The Book

“Jihad,” the brainchild of Gehan Muharam, is a well-timed account that strengthens our faith in Allah and encourages us to invoke His mercy on all accounts because Allah alone can remove our sorrows and agony and replace them with joy and happiness. Remembering the Almighty eases our pain and suffering and puts our life on track, for it is His promise to remember the one who remembers Him.

In this novel, the various characters that Gehan introduces to us are engaged in a battle of self as they show us how humans when tested, act. Through this account, our faith in the mercy and help of Allah is reignited as those who stick to his way and win the most important Jihad, the Jihad with the soul, are rewarded by the Almighty and those who deviate from His teachings are left with nothing but regret.

So, whether you’re a fervent reader seeking a thought-provoking narrative or someone navigating the intricate paths of life, “Jihad” promises an enriching and captivating journey. Gehan Muharam’s novel beckons you to explore the diverse landscapes of human struggle and, in doing so, discover the profound beauty inherent in our shared human experience.


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