Gehan Muharam

About The Author

Gehan Muharam, the young female author, hails from Yemen and is now navigating the vibrant landscape of New York. Her passion for storytelling and her flair for writing has culminated in the creation of her remarkable debut novel, “Jihad”. Although she penned the novel during her final year of high school, it was not until she settled in America that her novel got published. With her first novel, she has now set the stage for more such masterpieces that would be a testament to her unwavering commitment to writing.

Through her novel, Gehan beckons us to the Almighty and also deals with the often misinterpreted Arabic word “Jihad.” Gehan has used her pen to awaken us to the reality that no matter how deep the wounds are, Allah has the power to heal them, so it is Him that we should rely on and Him whose blessings and mercy we should seek.

Through her incredible writing, Gehan Muharam advises us to have patience and not to despair or surrender when confronted with a challenge but rather face it with determination and trust in Allah. Her writing is a contribution to helping remove the misconception regarding Jihad and an encouragement for people to fight and win the greatest of wars one could engage in – the war with the self. Join Gehan in her adventure that transcends borders and immerses us in diverse cultures, emotions, and perspectives. Together, let’s traverse the pages of her novels, discovering stories that echo the essence of the human experience and ignite a shared passion for storytelling.