What is Jihad? What Does Jihad Mean: Explained By Gehan Muharam

What is Jihad What Does Jihad Mean Explained By Gehan Muharam

For the Western world, the word ‘Jihad’ is synonymous with ‘barbarianism’, with the first images conjuring in mind that of bloodshed, battle, and oppression. Spreading this idea of Jihad is associated with Islamophobia, which has united all the Western media in their efforts to depict Jihad as something to fear and abhor. Through Gehan Muharam’s Book on Jihad, Meaning of Life, not only do you get to see Jihad in its true light, but you also get to reignite your faith.

With Gehan’s book, you do not have to scour multiple religious books to correct your interpretation of Jihad, for you will be insightfully introduced to its literal meaning. It is one of the best books about life lessons that will compel you to analyze your way of living and how, in your daily life, you neglect the need to believe in the Almighty, Who has taken it upon Himself to provide for you, asking for nothing in return but for faith on his Kindness, Generosity, and Knowledge.

But what does Jihad actually mean?

‘Jihad’ has a very simple definition of striving or doing your best. In Islam, there are two prime theological understandings of the word: the struggle against the lower self and the struggle against any obstacle that stands in the way of good, be it fighting for the cause of Allah. Unfortunately, not many people know or fail to acknowledge on purpose that, in Allah’s eyes, the battle against one’s lower self is the greatest Jihad of all, for it makes one a better person, both for oneself and others. Although fighting injustice is an essential part of Islam, sadly, Jihad has only been reduced to the word ‘holy war’ with people not realizing the true purpose and factors that make war inevitable.

In Islam, the form of jihad that involves fighting comes with specific ethical conditions under which it is admissible to fight, as well as clear rules of engagement, for example, the requirement to protect non-combatants. Despite the presence and explanation of Jihad in uncountable religious books, the world has failed to give Jihad the honor it deserves. Any form of oppression or cruelty is forbidden in Islam, be it for a good cause, making it unfathomable that a word that has so high a meaning and is so invaluable has become a contentious subject today.

Book on Jihad, Meaning of Life

Gehan Muharam has penned a book that is not like other books about life lessons. ‘Jihad, Meaning of Life’, while imparting crucial life lessons, also beckons you to Allah. It explains how including and remembering Allah in every decision of our life makes it a better one. This book on Jihad, meaning of life, freshens the faith, encouraging people to trust the One who has promised to hear their supplications and to never let go empty-handed. All you need is to firmly believe in His teachings and never disobey Him, for even though He forgives, the act of disobedience only harms you.

When you stay on the path of the Almighty, despite the challenges and adversities, you will see the ways in which you will be rewarded both in this life and the hereafter. Through this one of the incredible religious books, you will appreciate the value of struggles, determination, forgiveness, resilience and perseverance, all the virtues that describe the true essence of Jihad. Through the use of characters and their journey, Gehan imparts lessons that are essential for survival in this precarious world and are foremost for a successful life after death. Although the Jihad of the Sword has received global attention, in reality, it is the ‘Greater Jihad,’ Jihad of the lower self, that this book on Jihad, meaning of life, introduces you to that has the power to resolve problems in a peaceful and lasting manner. Gehan’s narrative inspires strength and hope in the hearts of the readers so that they do not succumb to frustration, hatred, evil, or criminality.

If you are looking for transforming and insightful books about life lessons, Gehan Muharam’s unputdownable book on Jihad, Meaning of Life, is the perfect read for you. It sheds light on the true meaning of Jihad and encourages you to live your life with unshakeable faith.